Denmark, Finland and Norway praised for having robust economic safety nets during the pandemic

Three Nordic nations placed well in newly released report. Image by Monicore from Pixabay

Three Nordic nations, Denmark, Finland and Norway, are placed well as countries with a robust economic safety in new report ‘The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020’.

The World Economic Forum talks in general terms about the nations it believes have best coped in economic terms with the pandemic.

The newly released report does not include Global Competitiveness Index rankings this year as they were suspended because of the pandemic but the report says “Countries with robust economic safety nets, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, were well placed to support those who could not work”.

On how Countries are Performing on the Road to Recovery the report says: “Countries with advanced digital economies and digital skills, robust social safety nets, and previous experience dealing with epidemics have better managed the impact of the pandemic on their economies and citizens.”

Finland was also, amongst other countries, placed similarly as a country with a strong financial system that could more easily provide credit to (smaller businesses) to prevent insolvency. Other countries included Singapore, the US and the United Arab Emirates.

Read the full article from China Daily with more details about the report here

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