Denmark needs to learn from China

The Danish government needs to learn from the Chinese approach in Africa says the Danish Foreign Minister Lars Løkke.

China has made many investments in the African countries. Mostly in infrastructure, but also in new harbors and such, which has given China influence and access to the raw materials in Africa. This has also created jobs for many locals in Africa.

Another way China shows their commitment to Africa is with the Foreign Minister, Wang Yi,’s annual  trip, which this January started on the Ivory Coast of Africa.

Denmark has taken a different approach. In return for financial aid the Danish state has requested a bigger focus on human rights, democracy and humanitarian improvements from the African countries. This is not a bad thing says the Danish Foreign Minister, Lars Løkke. However, China is creating jobs and that makes a different kind of difference.

According to Foreign Minister of Kenya, Musali Mudavadi, it would be received with positivity if the Danish state made a turn towards investments:

“It is important that Denmark extend their focus, so we can have more engagement in the private sectors. We don’t want to merely be receivers of aid. We want to be able to engage in trade,” says Musalia Mudavadi.

Denmark plans to take elements of the Chinese approach into consideration when they present the governments new so-called ‘Africa plan’ this summer.

Source: Politiken and B.T.

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