Denmark to boost healthcare with 5 billion DKK per year

Denmark will use the country’s economic growth to boost its healthcare system with an extra 5 billion Danish crowns ($739 million) per year. The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Tuesday, May 23.

Danes pay some of the highest taxes in the world to finance their welfare model. But as the population ages, the government is facing a need for higher spendings.

Denmark already has the second-highest healthcare spending per capita in the European Union after Luxembourg.

“The reason we can do this today, is because the Danish economy is doing better than we had expected,” Frederiksen said at a press conference.

The Danish economy is experiencing a moderate boom despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the energy crisis. The countries slight prosperity is characterized by low unemployment and high industrial activity.

“The extra money will partially be targeted at new types of treatment. It will also address the geographical and social inequality within the healthcare sector,” Frederiksen said.

Cancer treatment has become a big issue in Denmark lately. Recent media reports showed waiting times for treatment and surgery had increased, leading to deaths that might had been prevented otherwise.


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