Scandinavians have the highest coffee consumption

Coffee is among the most common non-alcoholic beverages worldwide, but according to new data, the highest consumption of the brew is among Scandinavians.

World Population Review has collected data that shows which countries citizens drinks the most coffee per person in a year.

Finland with 12 kg coffee per person, is considered the world’s biggest consumer of coffee per person. In Finland, two 10-minute coffee breaks are legally mandated at workplaces per day.

Next is Norway with 9.9 kg per person, closely followed by Iceland with 9 kg per citizen. Coffee is the most essential social drink in Iceland due to beer being illegal while wine is overpriced.

Taking fourth place is Denmark with 8.7 kg per person, while Sweden is just surpassed by the Netherlands with 8.4 kg compared to Sweden’s 8.2 kg per resident.

After that comes Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Canada.


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