Ericsson sues Chinese Lenovo over 5G patents

The Swedish telecom company, Ericsson, has filed a number of lawsuits against Chinese Lenovo and its subsidiary Motorola Mobility.

Ericsson claims that Lenovo doesn’t deny needing a SEP license, but that the Chinese company has delayed paying a royalty despite 10 years of negotiations, which has now resulted in a lawsuit. Lenovo has not yet responded to questions about the lawsuit.

“Ericsson has filed a number of lawsuits against Lenovo and its subsidiary Motorola Mobility. The lawsuit concerns 5G for patent infringement in multiple jurisdictions. Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to reach an agreement on the terms and scope of a license. Still, both Lenovo and Motorola Mobility are using our technology without a license,” Ericsson wrote in a statement.

“Ericsson’s annual investments of around $4 billion have led to our leading global position in 5G and a leading 5G patent portfolio. Patent licensing is important to ensure new investments in innovation that benefit our customers,” the statement said.

Companies in the 5G industry routinely file patent-infringement lawsuits against one another in pursuit of licensing revenues.

Ericsson has reported patent-licensing revenues in the second quarter this year of around $289 million.


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