EU accepts Singapore’s Covid-19 vaccination certificates

Travelers going between Singapore and the European Union (EU) will have an easier time proving their Covid-19 vaccination status from 25 November onwards as the European Commission has announced that Covid-19 certificates issued by Singapore are now recognized as the equivalent of the EU’s Digital Covid Certificate.

As the first Southeast Asian country, Singapore will, together with Togo, be connected to the EU’s system. “The EU will accept their COVID certificates under the same conditions as the EU Digital COVID Certificate,” the commission said in a statement. 

“At the same time, the two countries agreed to accept the EU Digital COVID Certificate for travel from the EU to their countries,” the commission noted. 

Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, welcomes the increasing number of countries joining the EU’s effort and highlights, “To this date, we have 51 countries and territories in five continents that are now connected to the EU Digital COVID Certificate system. I am delighted also that we have the first Southeast Asian country and the first sub-Saharan African country that will be interconnected to the Digital COVID Certificate. With the end of the year holidays approaching, I want to reaffirm to travelers the importance of this tool to underpin the confidence to travel inside and outside the EU.”

The EU’s digital certificate proves that a person has either been vaccinated against Covid-19, received a negative test result, or recovered from the disease and it’s issued to EU citizens, their family members, and non-EU nationals who are staying in an EU member state and have the right to travel to other member states.

EU member states may choose, but are not obliged, to waive restrictions for travelers who have received a vaccine that is not authorized in the EU.

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