Export to Asia saved Nordic Gin House during the pandemic

Jakob Vallentin, owner of Nordic Gin House. Photo: Sophus Zarrs Soelberg

The Danish company Nordic Gin House has aligned with new global partners in China, Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar in the midst of the pandemic, to secure export opportunities and save the company from closing down.

In order for the small company from Hørsholm, Denmark to survive during Covid-19 restrictions that closed the doors to the company’s existing markets, Jabob Vallentin, owner of Nordic Gin House knew they had to adjust at record speed and find new potential markets for export of their world renown Gin.

In an interview with Sjaellandske Nyheder, Jacob Vellentin says:

“In February, we started looking at the corona map. We wanted to see where we could do something for our little company. We already had dialogue with several European markets, but when looking at the tsunami of infection that had already hit Italy and Spain, we began to think that it could be a wrong decision. If people ended up in lock-down, we would not be able to sell our products.

The corona pandemic came as a potential disaster for the company with closed borders, empty airports and no nightlife or social gatherings as the company makes a living from supplying the same airports and nightlife with gin – both in Denmark and abroad. Jakob Vallentin says, “The sale was gone.”

Jacob Vallentin considered putting the company on hold but then he made a realization that has since kept the company afloat. Jabob Vallentin says, “I realized that corona spreads like some kind of flu. The thought became that when it is summer in Sidney, for example, there is probably less corona, and then we have an opportunity to sell products there. That’s how we got the new marketing going and now we can keep our noses above water so to speak.

Nordic Gin House managed to take its portfolio of Scandinavian gins to another level after aligning with new global partners and the company now sells to China, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the company scouts Thailand and Malaysia in early 2021.

Jakob Vallentin says, “It is really exciting to move so far away from Hørsholm, Denmark. We are lucky that Nordic products are popular in these markets. When we present the products to partners in Asia, we are exotic because we come from the Nordic countries and tell a special story. Nordic Gin House has just sent ten pallets of mixed products from Nordic Gin House to China.

“We are actually coming out with a nice result for 2020,” says Jakob Vallentin. Foto: Sophus Zarrs Soelberg

Nordic Gin House was established in 2018 and in March the company won a gold medal for its »Copenhagen Classic Gin« for the World Spirits Award 2020 competition, which included 25 nations. 107 distilleries from all over the world had sent their best gin to Austria, where the competition took place.

The company sells a total of five unique Nordic gins and the customers have mainly been specialty shops, luxury supermarkets, restaurateurs, bars, cocktail clubs, and in earlier times also airports.

Source: Sjaellandske Nyheder

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