FBC Singapore host hybrid event on Digital Transformation

The Finnish Business Council Singapore invites you to join their hybrid event entitled “The Story and Lessons from a World-Class Digital Transformation” on 24 November.

More about the event:

This informative, engaging, and exclusive keynote shares how DBS Bank transformed from a traditional bank to the world’s best by leveraging digitalization and provides you with hard-won insights, proven practices, and relevant anecdotes.

DBS has been awarded the World’s Best Bank for the past three years and ranked among the top10 digital transformations of the past decade by Harvard Business Review.

Under the stewardship of CEO Piyush Gupta, DBS Bank adopted “Making Banking Joyful” as its digitalization strategy in 2014. In their group meeting that year, leaders discussed how nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to do banking. An opportunity was born! By leveraging technology, DBS could make banking invisible to its customers. Making Banking Joyful became a passion that inadvertently turned into a rallying call for a banking industry revolution.

The bank digital transformation focused on three strategic principles, as this keynote accentuates:

Become Digital to the Core

Embed Ourselves in the Customer Journey

Culture by Design and Think Like a Start-Up

Specifically, you will discover how DBS Bank:

Aligned its digital purpose in a way that inspired everyone. Adopted the term “GANDALF” to transform its technology architecture. Engaged employees from the start and encouraging innovation through hackathons. Put customer journeys at the core of everything the bank does. Transformed to a totally data-driven organization. Became the first bank in the world to launch an ecosystem platform. Adopted agile, DevOps, design thinking, AI, ML, and other digital tools.

Woven throughout the keynote are intriguing lessons, best practices, and stories stemming from Robin Speculand’s three years of research and interviews for his new book World’s Best Bank: A Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation.

Find more information and sign up here

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