‘Future is made in Finland’ webinar highlights women in science

Study in Finland released the latest of the ‘Future is made in Finland’ webinar on 25 November 2020 that said:

We live in an era of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. These technologies will transform our everyday life, our future. But who is creating these technologies, shaping the future?
To truly make technology serve all of us, not just narrow economic interests, but a variety of needs, sustainability and security, we need diverse voices, skills and views.
However, only a minority of people developing these transformative technologies are women. A growing number of women are enrolling in universities all over the world, but women do not progress as far as men in their careers, and are still paid less for the same work. Family decisions, financial considerations, workplace cultures and discrimination can shape careers profoundly.

Finland is one of the leading countries in the world in gender equality. But we too can still improve. We need to lead the discussion for more diversity, inclusion and equity to the society, and hence, to the world of science and technology.

In the Episode VII of this webinar series we will host a discussion with some truly inspiring scientists, leaders, innovators, investors and role models. Join us and get inspired by their stories, their lives and careers, and learn what Finland offers for women, and what it can offer for you.
Find out more and register here.

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