How does it feel to be young during this Covid 19-pandemic?

Top row: Julia Frummerin, Hannah Biro, Winter Hahn. Second row: Mia Munro-Hallström, Harry Mawby.

We can’t lie and say this 2020’s pandemic has not changed our lives immensely. But we are grown ups and we have in our time suffered depressions, several bad flus etc. How do the young people feel? They have never been through a time like this before. What do they think about it?

A few Swedish, young students have been answering some questions about the pandemic and all of them have more than one thing in common, but the most important thing for all of them seems to be the lack of meeting up with friends.

This is how Julia Frummerin, grade 11 answers to following question:

What has been/is the worst thing during this pandemic from your point of view?

“The worst has been all these restrictions that it has brought, regarding socializing, although it’s very understandable. It has been and still is difficult to isolate myself from having a proper social life outside without any concerns.”

Hannah Biro who is 8 years old says:

“The worst thing for me is that I don’t get to see my friends and it’s boring to be stuck inside the house all day long.”

Winter Hahn agrees. She says:

“The worst thing is wearing a mask all the time. They are very uncomfortable, and I hate them. I wish Corona was gone forever. I also miss my sports. I’m on my swim team and soccer team at school and I also miss PE.”

Mia Munro Hallström, 10 year looks at it this way:

“It’s a hard question; there are so many things that are challenging during this time. If I pick my top 3 challenges, they are: not to be able to spend time with friends from school, not being able to travel and seeing my family and friends in Sweden, and it’s been just hard to stay indoors in general.”

How has it influenced you the most?

Mia continues:

“It’s been really hard, but it also made me notice how much we need the outside. Before Covid everyone was always on the phone, we let pure air fill up with pollution, and now that we are stuck indoors, we know how much we actually need and miss the outside air. During Covid I have gotten more active, I’ve been skipping rope, I’ve played basketball, danced and I have been doing exercises with my mum.”

Winter answers that he has become more independent in his schoolwork.

“I do things by myself now, so I have really changed and this is good. I do miss my sports though.”

Hannah is disappointed and sad, as her family was supposed to visit her best friend in Greece.

Julia thinks that not socializing with friends as much during this period of time, has really shown her that you have to be grateful for what you have and never take anything for granted, especially when it comes to “the small things” such as seeing friends at school.

What are you most scared of?

Mia lets us know that she is scared that it will continue, and that she never gets to see her Swedish family and friends living in Sweden.

“I know we will find a cure for it someday, but when? I think we might already have one. I also think it’s very important that we all try to stay positive.”

Hannah is scared that one of her old relatives will get Corona and that this will go on for a very long time and who isn’t?

Winter says he’s afraid of not finishing his homework in time every day because then he will have so much more tomorrow and it takes forever.

”My mum was in the hospital with Covid during many weeks, but I wasn’t scared, as I knew she was going to be ok. My mum is strong and she is fine now.”

Julia thinks it’s a bit worrying to thinking about what’s to come once this pandemic is over. How the world will look like and how people will cope with everything. Also if things will ever go back to how they were before, or if this will have transformed people into a new lifestyle, a question we probably all ponder on.

Have you found it or do you find it easy or difficult to study from home?

Mia tells that for her it depends on what the study has been, and admits she really misses school.

“I have so much going on, that sometimes it gets a bit confusing, but my teachers are all amazing (including my parents who help me a lot). I have learned more math and writing and also independence, plus I have got to spend more time with my family.”

Julia says that in the beginning, it was difficult to adapt to the new learning environment.

“But it became a habit quite fast, as the teachers adapted really well and supported us students significantly.”

Winter immediately answers that it has been really easy.

“I’m a very good reader now, much better than before and also at math. Now I’m super good.”

Hannah on the other hand thinks it’s hard:

“I don’t get so much help from my teacher and sometimes it’s difficult for my parents to understand the given instructions.”

For all of these youngsters, the hardest thing seems to be not seeing their friends and it’s very easy to understand, as we adults feel the same.

So what is the first thing to look forwarding to when the virus has come to an end?

Winter says:

“To be with my friends in Grade 3 and learning time tables, harder math and harder reading, also on getting older and improving on sports and last, but really most enjoyable will be, not having to wear a mask.”

Mia’s priority is to see her best friend Emma who lives in Sweden and Hanna wants to go to the water park and dine out in a nice restaurant. That’s what most of us adults also want, having a nice dinner at a restaurant in good friends company.

Not surprisingly Julia also says:

”Once this is over, I’m really looking forward to spending time with friends and family outside the house and doing everyday tasks without having to go through a whole sanitation procedure.”

Harry Mawby, a cool guy in year 8, with an English father and Swedish mum, looks at the Corona time like following;

“Not being able to hang out with friends is for me absolutely the worst. How has this virus influenced me? Well, it has made me feel much lazier these days and I’m very scared to catch the virus. I have not had any problems with studying from home, it’s quite easy. Now when I haven’t been able to meet with friends, I have been playing videogames with them instead. When this is over, I will go to the cinema, miss that and I will hang out with my friends.”

I think all of us agree to this and wish this pandemic to come to a quick end with no more death. A Credit to all teachers and parents, who have tried to support the students, as the most, during this unusual time.


Julia Frummerin
Hannah Biro
Winter Hahn
Mia Munro-Hallström
Harry Mawby

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