IKEA Philippines finally getting ready

The Swedish furniture maker IKEA’s first store in the Philippines can finally begin stocking up products, as the first batch of products has arrived at the country’s store at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.

According to an announcement via Facebook, IKEA Philippines has been awaiting this day. “Today, IKEA Philippines celebrates an important milestone! Our first batch of IKEA range has finally arrived in IKEA Pasay City. We can’t wait to unbox these and make them available to the many Filipinos,” the announcement said.

Construction delays and the pandemic pushed back the opening date of IKEA Philippines’ first store, which is expected to open its online platform ahead of the physical outlet later this year. The store is set to become the biggest IKEA store in the world, with a floor area as big as 150 basketball courts. Looking from the outside, the 65,000 square meters look almost finished with the IKEA logo already installed.

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