Indonesia hopes for growing support from Norway

Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani (left), during a virtual meeting with Norwegian Parliament Speaker Tone Wilhemsen Troen (right) 19 February 2021. (ANTARA / HO-DPR RI)

Bilateral relations between Indonesia and Norway have been developing dynamically for the past 71 years and were recently discussed during a virtual meeting between Puan Maharani, Indonesian House of Representatives speaker, and Tone Wilhemsen Troen, Norwegian Parliament Speaker on 18 February. 

According to Puan Maharani, Indonesia hopes there will be support for improving relations between the two nations in the future and noted that she supports heightened cooperation between the two nations in diverse fields, and particularly the economy and the environment.

During the one-hour-long conversation, Puan Maharani remarked that both countries as democratic nations uphold the rule of law, respect human rights, and are strongly committed to environmental protection. Adding that the cooperation between Indonesia and Norway has been going on multidimensional levels, involving various parties and includes multi-sectors.

Puan Maharani said that there is a need for a continued growing flow of trade between the two countries and to make it more balanced to serve the interests of both Indonesia and Norway.

According to the PDI-P politician, Norway and Indonesia’s main bilateral cooperation centers on REDD +, which is a program that seeks to tackle deforestation in the context of climate change and the cooperation could serve as an example of successful bilateral cooperation in overcoming global problems. Indonesia was in 2017 able to reduce emissions by 11.2 million tons and the country’s commitment is part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions to benefit future generations.

Indonesia is very committed to protecting the sustainability of its natural resources, such as tropical forests and palm oil production, by paying attention to environmental protection aspects, Puan Maharani added. 

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