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The Nordic Chamber of Commerce Vietnam invites you to join their upcoming ‘Nordcham Business briefing: updates on office rental markets and co-working space introductions’ on 16 November.

More about the event:

With the outlook that now also Vietnam will start recovering from the toughest part of the COVID pandemic, most companies are beginning to look ahead, both in regards to the plans and budgets for the following year, but even more important also looking at their long term ambitions in Vietnam. 

For many companies, consideration about locations and office spaces will be a vital part of their planning, both because of its often significant share of the operational costs and because new thoughts on working styles are emerging as an outcome of the COVID lockdown experiences. In Nordcham we have therefore decided to dedicate one of our Business Briefings to this topic.

This month’s webinar will therefore be focusing on the Real Estate Markets for office rentals in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi including an introduction to Co-working space with specific features and benefits this concept offers.

Nordcham has the honor to welcome 2 experts in this sector Colliers Vietnam and The Sentry Vietnam to join as guest speakers and provide some updates on the current office rentals and co-working space in Vietnam.

For the opening, Mr. David Jackson – CEO of Colliers Vietnam will provide some updates on the office rental markets in major cities and the effect of the Covid-19 fourth wave. 

Followed by Mr. Greg Ohan – Co-founder of The Sentry Vietnam will continue with an introduction to the growth of Co-working spaces in Vietnam, the features, benefits, and the popularity of this more recent concept of office working.

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