Magnitude-5.6 earthquake leaves over 160 dead in Indonesian city Cianjur

Many villagers in Cianjur have been driven from their homes due to the earthquake hitting on Monday. Photo: CNN

On Monday, an earthquake hit near the city Cianjur, located 100 kilometers south of Jakarta, on Indonesian Island Java. Local media reported Monday evening that death tolls had reached 162, whereof most had been trapped under collapsed buildings.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 5,6 – which is a moderate earthquake according to the Richter Scale – and a shaking intensity reaching 10 kilometers downwards.

Although the magnitude of the earthquake is not relatively strong, it has caused severe damage.

Danish television station, TV2, said a citizen felt massive shakings and that the walls and ceiling in his office was damaged. He added many people were fainting and vomiting.

The earthquake was registered in Jakarta as well where several office buildings were evacuated, and employees gathered in the streets.

Indonesia’s Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency reported 25 aftershocks to have been registered in the two hours following the large earthquake.

Earthquakes with magnitudes of around 7 on the Richter Scale is considered as “major” and can claim human lives and cause severe damage. Earthquakes reaching magnitudes of 8 are defined as “great” and can bring about extreme damages.

According to Danish public-media, DR, Cianjur’s Governor informed that over 13.000 Indonesians have been forced to leave their homes.


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