More IKEA Singapore customers complain about bugs

New complain about bug infestation in IKEA furniture’s are circulating online.

This happens only two months after the Swedish furniture brand removed bug-infested baskets from the inventory in Singapore.

In a TikTok post on Monday, February 6, a user showed a swarm of black bugs inhabiting a grey couch she presumably bought in IKEA back in October.

According to the post, the user flipped over the couch to find that the bugs came from the wood underneath.

The user claim that IKEA can’t retrieve the sofa for two weeks.

“It is spreading all around the house and to our other wood furniture’s, but IKEA can only take it back two whole weeks LATER,” the video caption read.

It is not certain whether the bugs came from IKEA’s warehouse or the TikTok user’s home. IKEA Singapore has not yet commented on the case.

Other TikTok users question, whether the incidents are due to Singapore’s humid weather not being a good combination paired with IKEA’s wood.

The brand dealt with a similar complain in December, when a Singaporean customer claimed to have found insects in some baskets she had bought from the Swedish homeware giant.

After the company proclaimed, that the infestation couldn’t have come from them, the customer filmed herself going back to the store, where she slammed one of the baskets down a counter, to show insects falling out.

IKEA later apologized and removed all the baskets from the shelves.


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