Nordlaks sends salmon to Asia by direct flight

Nordlaks sent its first shipment of salmon directly to Asia by flight from Evenes in Norway, On Tuesday, November 7. The Norwegian company has stated, that they will continue to do so every week going forward, according to the online newspaper

In the past, Nordlaks has transported salmon to Asia by truck from the factory in Børøya to Gardermoen or Helsinki, and from there by plane.

The new “salmon plane” will transport salmon from three main players in the Norway to Asia; Nordlaks, Ellingsen and Salmar. Marketing and communications manager at Nordlaks, Heidi Torkildson Ryste, told

The direct flight from Evenes means that the seafood reaches customers in huge markets like China faster. Thereby making it possible to charge a higher price for the product.

“This means that our salmon reaches the market in less than two days,” says Nordlaks in a social media statement.

“Shorter travel time means that our customers can sell fresher salmon over several days,” the statement adds.


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