North Korea tests warplanes and fires another missile

A North Korean missile test is aired on television, at a railway station in Seoul, on Thursday. Photo: the New York Times.

As North Korea is determined to develop its missile technology, missiles continue to sporadically fly about causing great disturbance to the neighboring countries.

According to Danish public media DR, the missile was fired from the North Korean capital region at 01:49 Thursday night which was reported by the South Korean Military Assault.

The South Korean Military Assault reported a missile was fired from the North Korean capitol region Thursday night. According to the Japanese Minister of Defence, Yasukazu Hamada, the firing involved a short ranged ballistic missile and the flying of several warplanes close to the South Korean border. The missile followed an irregular path on its 650 kilometers long flight before it landed in the ocean between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

– Whatever the intentions are, North Korea’s repeated firings of ballistic missiles are completely unwarranted, and we cannot ignore the country’s general advancement of its missile technology. North Korea’s actions pose a threat to Japan as well as the region and the international society and they are utterly unacceptable, said Hamada.


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