Norway passed a new law regarding dual citizenship from 1st January 2020

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The Royal Embassy of Norway in Bangkok announced a new law that allows Norwegians to hold dual citizenship from 1st January 2020.

The statement said:

If you are a Norwegian citizen and wish to become a citizen of another country after January 1 2020, you will be able to have double citizenship, according to Norwegian law.

Norway will not take away your Norwegian citizenship if you become a citizen of another country. You don’t need to deliver any application to the Norwegian authorities to keep your Norwegian property tax.

Please see detailed information at Udi:
If you have lost your Norwegian property tax because you became a citizen of another country, or
If udi has failed your application period because you didn’t solve yourself from your original application period within the deadline, you can apply to get Norwegian citizenship back.

A new digital video series will be ready on its website on 3rd February 2019 . Please see udi’s website for more information:

In order for you to be able to have double citizenship, the second country in which you are a citizen must also accept this.

You always have to investigate whether the country you are a citizen of also accept that you get double citizenship. If you want to lose your citizenship automatically if you become Norwegian, you will have to investigate this with the authorities of the country.

Read more information of the process before the law is confirmed here

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