Norway’s King Harald says Princess Märtha Louise’s exit from the Royal House is a great loss

Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja expressed sadness of thier daughters decision to quit her Royal duties. Photo:

Princesse Märtha Louise of Norway does no longer wish to be a part of, and working for, the Norwegian Royal House. The decision saddens King Harald and his wife, Queen Sonja, greatly, the King expressed during an inteview with Norwegian public-service media NRK.

– It is a great loss for her and for us, said the King.

According to Danish public service media DR, the decision was made collectively within the Royal family to recognize a general feeling of dissatisfaction among the Norwegian population and to restore peace and serenity around the Royal House and its name.

The decision was announced in a press released published by the Princess herself.

– After a period in which several questions have been raised regarding me and my fiancé’s role, I have decided that I will no longer be conducting official tasks for the Royal House, the Princess stated in the release.

In the future, Princesse Märtha Louise will only be seen publicly participating in Royal attendings in relation to family celebrations and sport events.

King Harald has chosen not to deprive his daughter of her Royal title.

– She is our daughter, and she will remain our daughter, and therefore she is Princess Märtha Louise, said the King to NRK

The Princess’ fiancé, Durek Verret, is a shaman and the announcement follows a row of incidents of him making controversial personal statements about being able to cure cancer and predict acts of terror. Accordingly, the Princess has been accused of using her Royal position for private and commercial interests in relation to the couple’s joint lecture tour “The Princess and the Shaman.”

In the interview, King Harald and Queen Sonja, told NRK that they are pleased about their daughter’s happiness and have decided to live with each other’s differences as they share genuine respect and love for each other.

– And he is actually quite funny to be around, said the King.

The King added that they do not agree with their son in law’s statements and have been forced to remind him that what he says also affects the Royal House.

– He is American, so of course he does not know what a Royal House is (…) He thought he could do what he wanted without it having a consequence for us.

Queen Sonja remarked, that their son in law has come to the understanding, that he ought to consider the Royal House and what it stands for when making personal statements. She further expressed his and her husbands joy of reaching a joint solution in which they can remain a family.


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