Philippines inspired by Danish water management

Aarhus Vand
New treatment plants at Aarhus Vand, the company the delegates visited. Photo: Aarhus Vand

Danish Ambassador to the Philippines, Frans-Michael Mellbin, said Filipino water companies exchanged ideas with Danish counterparts in both Copenhagen and Aarhus on September 22, 2023.

Officials from Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, Local Water Utilities Administration, Manila Water, Maynilad Water Services Inc., and Bohol-based Richli Water met with representatives of Danish water companies and operators of key water facilities. The aim was to open up possible collaborations for the future regarding water management for the Philippines.

“During the trip, Danish companies shared insights and knowledge with Philippine companies and stakeholders on how we manage water, and showed our systems in Denmark for the purpose of inspiration and in order to learn about the technologies being used there,” Mellbin said in an interview with reporters from Manila Times.

The systems presented included providing safe drinking water, wastewater management solutions and digital water governance.

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Danish water giants such as Kamstrup and AVK showed the delegates how they’re able to monitor leakages and reduce non-revenue water. Furthermore, the delegates went for a visit to Hofor A/S and Aarhus Vand to see the development of water technologies at the ‘municipal level.’

The Danish Ambassador explained that with a legacy based on innovation, sustainability and a good understanding of the importance of water resources, Denmark plays an important role in international water management initiatives. Sharing knowledge and technology with international partners are at the ‘core of Denmark’s global effort to combat water-related challenges.’

“Overall the issue is not having water, but having safe drinking water. The management of water is very important, and it is an aspect that we all need to be better at. Each country has its own problems with water, and we are here to help, show our technologies, and how we manage it,” Mellbin elaborated.

The delegation was organized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Confederation of Danish Industry. Southeast Asian water stakeholders from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand were also present and took part in the discussions.

Source: Manila Times 

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