Salmon from Norway is popular in China again

Norwegian salmon sold at a supermarket in China. Photo: Courtesy of the Norwegian Seafood Council

Imports of frozen and cold-chain food to China are recovering and among other products, Norwegian salmon is popular again amongst Chinese consumers. The country’s cold-chain food industry has been the center of attention over recurrent Covid-19 cases but after an efflux of consumption during and after the Chinese New Year festival, the market is recovering.

According to Global Times, several traders and retailers have said that sales are picking up in restaurants and stores again after the business hit bottom in the second half of last year and the cold-chain food industry is expected to make a full recovery over the summer.

Global Times has spoken to an employee of Alibaba’s grocery-store network Hema Fresh who said to the newspaper that Norwegian Salmon is more popular now and a Zhangxian Shenghuo customer service staff stated that dozens of whole fish are sold every day compared to late 2020 where some days hardly had any sales.

According to Victoria Braathen, director for the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong at the Norwegian Seafood Council, Norway has already exported 21,867 tons of seafood to China worth $ 68.7 million so far this year and salmon sales grew strongly during the Chinese Spring Festival.

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