Shipping crisis creates shortness of important items for Danish families with children 

The shipping crisis caused by the pandemic has seen massive problems of transporting goods around the world in recent months and now it has created a shortage in Denmark of one of the items most families, especially those with small children, find it hard to live without and that is wet wipes.

According to a recent article by BT, wet wipes – also known as ‘wipes’ – which are used in connection with diaper changes and to wipe pretty much everything from small hands and faces to the table, chair, and floor after children eat, have been in shortage since the beginning of August in most Danish supermarkets. 

The consumer goods retailer Coop’s information director, Jens Juul Nielsen, confirms the current situation. “It is true that we do not have all the different wet wipes we normally have in the shops. This is because virtually all wet wipes are produced in China / Asia, and as you know, there are major challenges at the moment with far too little container capacity,” Jens Juul Nielsen writes in an email to BT 

“Overall, however, we still have a large number of wet wipes in stores and warehouses, but there are several varieties and brands that we do not have right now,” he adds. 

According to Jonas Schrøder, press manager for the supermarket Rema 1000, delays in deliveries caused by the pandemic have left a gasp in the delivery.

BT writes that the covid-19 crisis has generally created great uncertainty on several fronts due to shutdowns in different countries. Shutdowns at Chinese factories have for example resulted in a massive shortage of computer chips around the world, which has affected deliveries of everything from computers to cars. Shutdowns in various ports have also caused major delays in deliveries, especially those from Asian countries. 

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