Sustainable Norwegian art will light up Marina Bay waterfront

This is how the latest i Light Marina Bay-festival looked like in 2014. Photo:


On Friday 11 March 2016 the sky will be filled with beautiful lights from the biennial “i Light Marina Bay” light art festival 2016. One of them will be the Norwegian art installation “Lampshade” by Norwegian artist Snøhetta.

The festival illuminates the night sky of Singapore with 25 sustainable light art installations made by local as well as international artists. The idea is to promote an environmentally-responsible behaviour for a sustainable future.

Therefore “Lampshade” is made of simple bamboo structures covered in photovoltaic cells to prevent sunlight from entering its interior in the day, while lighting up intensively at night, using solar energy to power a thousand lamps. The solar lamps used in Snøhetta’s installation will be donated to off-grid communities after its display, while the bamboo structure and its light fixtures will be recycled as construction scaffolding. 

Norwegian award-winning brand design firm Snøhetta works on a trans-disciplinary approach where professionals of multiple professions work together to explore differing perspectives on the conditions for each project.


The solar lamps in Snøhetta’s installation are made by Norwegian company Bright Products AS, who also wants to promote sustainability. Their mission is to light up the world through smart, simple and sustainable power solutions. Since their first solar lamp was launched in 2014, Bright has delivered more than 300 000 solar lamps, reaching 2 million people across the world and resulting in improved family economy, education, health and safety.

The light art festival in Singapore was first held in 2010 by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority to inject vibrancy and reinforce Marina Bay’s position as a sustainable precinct. Visitors will behold a very different face of Marina Bay region, as many of the iconic buildings will become huge projection screens for the art installations and for the visitors to interact with.

This year’s festival will run until March 27 and is free to the public.


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