Sweden seminars on Southeast Asia business opportunities


Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand will be in focus on 16-18 October when Business Sweden holds a seminar in the three major cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe  concerning business opportunities in those Southeast Asian countries.

Over the past year, several Swedish high-level delegations of companies visited the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. To follow up on these initiatives Business Sweden invites to a seminar to discuss the economic and political developments and business opportunities and challenges in these exciting countries.

The seminars are organised jointly by the Business Sweden, NIR (the International Council) and the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok.

Philippine consumer market is growing strongly
Philippines with close to 100 million people have in recent years developed into one of the most attractive consumer markets in Southeast Asia. Through a combination of strong outsourcing market, in which more and more Filipinos are working, together with large capital inflows from overseas Filipino workers, the country’s economy grows stronger. Economic growth in the first half of 2013 was well above 7%. After upgrading if the investment ranking from, among others, Standard & Poor’s, the country is now also beginning to attract entirely new investments.

Extensive infrastructure investments in Thailand
Thailand continues to have a strong economy, a skilled workforce and a major export industry. Not least in order to remain competitive in the integrating ASEAN, the Thai government initiated an extensive investment of 420 billion to modernise roads, railways and ports. This modernisation, along with the growing domestic market, makes Thailand continue to offer exciting business opportunities in a variety of areas.

Strong interest among foreign companies in Myanmar
The political and economic developments in Myanmar during the past two years received considerable international attention. Most of the sanctions have been lifted and the country has seriously opened up to foreign investment. Myanmar has a young population and substantial need for new infrastructure and investment in almost all sectors.


Preliminary program:
– Ambassador Klas Molin – The economic and political situation
– Country Managers Business Sweden – Business opportunities in the three countries
– Program Director Johan Alvin, NIR (the International Council)

– Myanmar – development during the last 5 years

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