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How will Scandinavia succeed on the Hong Kong design market?

Hong Kong is the sparkling design hub of the Asia. It’s hip, wealthy and carries a deep-rooted genuine interest for design. This combined with a rooted tradition for consumerism and a location at the footstep to the industrial powerhouse of China makes Hong Kong a mecca for designers and design companies all over the globe. ScandAsia…

The moment to tap the Philippine furniture market is now

The Philippine economy is a thundering train and it is about time for the Nordic design and furniture companies to get on board, Joni Koro, project manager at Nordic Business Council Philippines and founder of GRØN Design Solutions, says. “The sheer amount of new office, retail and residential developments is staggering. Although I have lived…

Scand-Media creates new website

Scand-Media has set up a new website. It is based on WordPress and a theme from www.slocumthemes.com. For years, the site reflected our ability to create e-books and the e-book is still displayed on the page, but as more and more visitors open the website in their mobile phone, it had become obsolete.