Test your knowledge of Thai-Danish relations in a 400-year anniversary quiz


As part of the celebrations regarding 400 years of relations between Denmark and Thailand, the Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok has launched a 400-year anniversary quiz.

The strong historical friendship between Denmark and Thailand has lasted for more than 400 years and numerous significant touchpoints can be found in our shared history. It is therefore now time for you to show off your knowledge of Thai-Danish relations in this 400-year anniversary quiz! 

To enter the competition, answer the following questions (ex. A, B, C) and send your answers in an email to [email protected] by 8 July.

  1. How many Danish cows and bulls arrived in Thailand in 1962 during the establishment of the Thai-Danish Dairy Farm? A:26, B:40, or C:75
  2. How many official visits have taken place between members of the Royal families of Denmark and Thailand in the last 400 years? A:12, B:19, or C:30
  3. Approximately how many people in Thailand does the Danish jewelry company Pandora employ? A:7.100, B:10.300 or C:13.200

Great prizes are at stake and the Embassy will announce the lucky winner on Friday 9 July.

Good luck!

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