Thai Nordic Association held first AGM

For Scandinavian Society Siam the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 16th of June 2022 was the 103rd meeting – but for the association under the new name Thai Nordic Association it was the very first AGM.

Two new members joined the board, Alexander Wetterling and May Wallberg which continues to be under the leadership of Lasse Staalung. Both are younger than any of the old board members which bodes well for the efforts to rejuvenate the association.

The Annual General Meeting took place on the 23rd floor of Rembrandt Hotel and included a delicious three course dinner. A total of 23 people participated in the event which was once again led by former Chairman Leo Alexandersen. The assocoation has a total of some 160 members, so the 23 participants was clearly above the 10 percent needed for the meeting to be able to conduct its business and make binding decission.

The financial report showed a very healthy situation even after one and a half year of hibernation during the Covid pandemic. The TNA had by the end of the financial year half a million baht in cash assets and no outstanding debts.  The fiscal year of the TNA charmingly continues the old financial year of the Scandinavian Society Siam which goes from 1 April to 31 March. This was introduced by King Rama 5, Chulalongkorn in 1888 instead of the lunar year around the 13th of April. Thailand adopted the current 1 January as the new year in 1940.

A good part of the meeting was spent brainstorming on ideas for activities for the members during the coming year. Many good proposals were tables and it now remains to be seen which of the ideas the new board will be able to pull off.

New bvoard member May Wallberg is seen seated in white below Chairman Lasse Staalung standing at the head table.
New board member Alexander Wetterling is seen standing second from left in this group meeting of the AGM participants.


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