Thai-Swedish actor “Rusemeekae” gives interview on “Journey of the Black Sheep”

The Thai-Swedish actor and professional volleyball athlete, James Rusemeekae Fagerlund appeared on aThai entertainment program titled “30 Young Joi,” of The Matter channel, giving an interview about their experiences during the 20s, life in Sweden, how being in the 30s treating them so far, and more.

The episode, “Journey of the Black Sheep,” Koung Nattanun, the interviewer started off by asking the question of Rusemeekae’s starting career in the entertainment industry and the hardships during the 20s in Thailand.

“For me, the age difference between being in the 20s or 30s is not much relevant because I felt like I considered myself mature since I turned eighteen years old. And in Sweden, being eighteen means you are an adult and have to take care of yourself, generally and financially,” answered Rusameekae.

“But after moving back to Thailand, what I have imagined about the entertainment industry and how it actually is are quite different from each other. I had taken some time to gradually learn and adjust before I understood how it all worked.”

Nowadays, Rusemeekae also mindfully focuses on self-manifesting, self-love, and happiness. One of the things they always do every morning is taking time to recite affirmations of gratitude toward oneself.

“However, there were times when I looked into the mirror and could not feel the love for myself. This traces back to the time I experienced a lot of harsh comments from people on social media on my appearance, my sexual orientation; being a member of LGBTQ+ community. To have tan skin and curly hair and be gay completely does not fit into the stereotypes of how people expect actors and actresses to be in Thailand.”

“Over time, I went to study about my family’s origins, who my father is, what my mother is like and then I started to accept my natural unique appearance, which is now the best version of myself,” they said.

Rusemeekae shared that for more than twenty years, they had not known who their father was. Until recently, they learned that he was an African and got in contact with him through a one and only twenty-minute phone call before he passed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I didn’t think that I was unfortunate to have such a short time getting to know my father. It is all well…The thing I love the most about this is that he knew that I existed for all along. He knew about me and he and my mother ended their relationship upon an agreement. They didn’t fight and make it turn out badly. These are the things I am thankful for.”

Photo captured from the YouTube video.

Besides covering these topics, the “30 Young Joi” program also had a piece of paper filled with questions specifically addressing details about being in the 30s for its guests to answer before the shooting began.

The questions such as “what habits have you recently picked up in your 30s?,” “Describe things that make you cry easier in your 30s,” “Peakest experience in being in your 30s,” and more.

As a 37-year-old, Rusameekae said what has made them cry easier these days is “everything related to my friends’ children and my friendships.” “Especially with Tonhom, my friend and her son,…even though we have not seen each other as often, we know that we are a part of each other’s family. The bond between us is very valuable.”

it is inevitable to explain the reason the program’s episode was named “Journey of the Black Sheep.” The “Black Sheep” referred to Rusameekae’s life before moving to Sweden. At the time, they were bullied and made themself feel ashamed of their differences, which is why the actor felt surprised by how their life turned out now.

“I felt like all those terrible experiences from my childhood have never happened because when I look at my life now, it is more than dreams come true.

The next interesting side of the actor’s life was about the peakest experience for them so far. Rusameekae shared that “the peakest experiences for me so far are getting to travel more and having the opportunity to join the Diamond Food Volleyball’s team.” The actor has had a strong passion for volleyball since they were a kid. They have always improved their skills and tactics, always.

Therefore, “I am grateful to be a part of this professional path because I wanted to test my own limits in playing volleyball as well as working on delivering inspirations in becoming a volleyball player to others.”

In the last minutes of the show, Koung asked Rusameekae to leave three lessons they thought would be essential for any person in their 20s to 30s.

The actor said “I want the people in their younger years to do as much self-searching as possible and try out things to find out what they love and don’t. They should know that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, whatever career paths or jobs they do, all occupations are equally respected. Finally, I want them to give opportunities to others, but above all else, is giving themselves opportunities, always.”

Until this point, the interview of Rusameekae with Koung Nattanun on the “30 Young Joi” program of The Matter channel can be counted as one of the most insightful pieces which share the most true self of the actor. Many perspectives can be learned from both persons.

Photo captured from the YouTube video.

Anyone who would like to watch the full episode of “Journey of the Black Sheep” on “30 Young Joi,” featuring Rusameekae can follow this link and click here to follow them on Instagram.

Source: “Journey of the Black Sheep” on “30 Young Joi” by The Matter

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