Vietnamese baguettes are among world best sandwiches

Photo of Banh mi via Vietnam Plus.

CNN Travel reported the top 24 best sandwiches in the world for 2023 and the Vietnamese “Banh mi” (Vietnamese baguettes) are among the lists.

Banh mi was ranked the fifth best sandwich. It is also known as “Queen of the Street food” because they are easily found everywhere in Vietnam.

According to the source, the sandwich is popular for both locals and tourists. The classic version of banh mi is pork-based, starring cha lua (Vietnamese-style pork roll), shredded pickled carrots, pickled daikon, cilantro leaves, mayonnaise and other ingredients.

Danish Smorrebrod sandwiches by iStock.

Additionally, the Danish “Smørrebrød” (Butter bread) made it to the ninth place.

“With rye bread as the typical base, toppings include scores (perhaps hundreds) of combinations that range from curried or pickled herring and tiny pink shrimp to sliced boiled eggs and rare roast beef atop a layer of butter. In true Scandi style, smørrebrød goes big on aesthetics, too – the sandwiches are as pretty to look at as they are delicious to eat,” writes CNN Travel.

If interested, you can view more of the other twenty-two best sandwiches here and give us a comment whether you agree with the ranking.


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