What is Indoor Floorball?

Floorball has been a popular sport in Sweden since many years. It’s a kind of hockey with five players and a goal keeper in each team.

Both men and women play it. The matches are played in twenty-minute periods.

What kind of equipment do you need? Good shoes is a must, a floorball stick and it’s recommended to wear glasses for safety.

The game was invented in Sweden in the late 1960s. The rules were established in 1979 when the first floorball club in the world, SALA IBK from Sala, was founded.

In 1981 the real  rules were written.

Floorball has become very popular to play because of the speed and variability during the matches and it has also become a popular sport to watch on TV.

Every year, the magazine “Innebandy magasinet” awards the best floorball player together with the international media.

In year 2021, the award went to the Swede Tobias Gustavsson, defender in Storvreta’s team. Tobias was ranked as the world’s best player 2021.

On Saturday May 21st, a floorball match between the Nordic countries Finland and Sweden was organised at St.Andrews International school, Bearing and its initiators were Miika Toomi, from the Finnish embassy and the young man Waichue Sebastian  G. Siripong, who has played indoor floorball since years.

Sebastian is half Thai and half Swedish and educated in Switzerland. His CV is long and impressive despite his young age.  He has been Director of Marketing at ORIENT EXPRESS as well as CJ host, TV presenter at BE CHIC, a trainee at The Ritz London etc.etc. His hometown is Flen in Sweden and currently, Bangkok is his city.

On the 21st, the two Nordic ambassadors  from Finland and Sweden, H.E. Mr. Jyri Järviaho and H.E. Mr. Jon Åström Gröndal met each other in an exciting match. Jon mentioned in his speech that he hadn’t been playing for 30 years, but he did surprisingly well. The result of the first played match ended with 4-2 to the Swedish team.

Before the adults started playing, the young ones had the opportunity to discover and try this sport, overlooked and directed by Hanna Tjernberg and Emma Hemström and their husbands Anders and Tobias. Hanna is a well-known person at St. Andrews school, as she works there as a PT teacher.   Anders, (Captain of the SWE team 2 and Tobias play regularly on Sundays with the “Bangkok floorball” team, Sebbes, Vizas, and the majority of players club. They also helped organise with referees etc.)

Bangkok floorball regularly sees around 30 players on Sundays 6-8 pm  and Wednesdays 7-9 pm. If anyone is interested in joining they can find them on Facebook, for more information. https://facebook.com/groups/bangkok.floorball.

Hanna and her husband Anders have recently started a weekly floorball training for young players between 6 and 12 years, who can come and play at St.Andrews on Tuesdays between 5 and 6 pm. Hanna says that the day can eventually be changed.

If you think your child/children would be interested  to participate, you can contact Hanna for more information and to sign up.

[email protected]

On this Saturday several matches were played and the results as follows:

SWE 1-FIN          4-2

SWE 1-SWE 2   4-3

SWE 2-FIN         4-5  (the match there the two ambassadors Jon and Jyri met)

Not very long ago, four Swedish families introduced padel to the Bangkok community and now some Swedes take Indoor Floorball to youths in Bangkok.

Sport is important and it’s great when the children get the opportunity to become active, a healthy change to all sedentary with computer games.

Let’s hope floorball will be as popular as padel here in Thailand.

There was a huge cheerleading this special Saturday.


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