150kg wartime bomb removed in Vietnam Mekong Delta

The military command in Tra Vinh Province located and removed a 150-kilogram Mark 8 bomb in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

The bomb was discovered at a construction site in Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai Town by local residents.

Even if it was buried deep in the soil a long time ago, it still had a detonator.

According to Tuoitre News, the bomb was later transported to the shooting range in Tieu Can District, awaiting detonation in accordance with regulations.

Source: https://tuoitrenews.vn/news/society/20230307/150kg-wartime-bomb-discovered-in-vietnams-mekong-delta/72007.html

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  1. Removing a 150kg wartime bomb in the Vietnam Mekong Delta is a significant achievement in ensuring the safety and well-being of the local community. The successful disposal of this explosive device highlights the diligent efforts of the authorities and demonstrates their commitment to protecting the area from potential hazards left over from past conflicts.

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