25-year-old Swedish girl in a coma after accident in Thailand – her family is struggling to bring her home

25-year-old, Swedish Felicia Cedergren is in a coma after a motorbike accident on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Her family has now left for the island to try to get her home.

“Everything is terrible, it is so difficult to accept what happened,” says Felicia’s mother Susanna Cedergren.

Felicia was traveling around in Thailand when she had a serious accident on the island of Koh Samui last Sunday, October 8.

After a day with friends and her boyfriend, she was on her way home as a passenger on a motorbike in the rain. Here, the bike slipped and slid over to the other side of the road. At the same time, another scooter came from behind and tried to pass Felicia and her crashed bike. During the passing, Felicia allegedly suffered a violent blow to the head. The blow is supposedly what has caused a cerebral hemorrhage, swelling of the brain and fractures in both the back and her scull.

Left for Thailand to be with her

Felicia’s mother was at home in Sweden when the accident occurred.

“I received a message on messenger from her boyfriend’s mother who said that there had been a serious accident with Felicia. This set a lot of things in motion, we contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but we only got some tips on self-help. We therefor decided to go to the island ourselves,” says Susanna.

Susanna was accompanied to Thailand by her son Filip Cedergren and Felicia’s uncle, Daniel Cedergren.

“Everything is terrible. It’s so hard to accept what happened and it’s horrible to see her like this,” says Susanna.

Now the family is fighting to bring Felicia home.

“We want to get her home. That is our main priority,” says her uncle Daniel.

The person who drove Felicia has been questioned by the police and released without a report. The family has therefor been in contact with a local lawyer, since a report may help them get a transfer to Sweden approved.

Hoping for help

In the effort to get Felicia back home to Sweden, the family has appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But the ministry only replied that they cannot go into individual cases and therefore could not assist with any further help.

There is another possibility to bring Felicia home as early as next week, but whether it will work depends on a number of factors.

“We have been in contact with SOS International who may be able to fly Felicia home as early as Wednesday or Thursday this week, if everything looks good,” says Daniel Cedergren.

“But in case she will need to undergo a surgical procedure, the process will probably be delayed,” he added.

Her insurance only just expired

The family does not know how much it will end up costing them. Felicia’s travel insurance had only just expired when the accident occurred. Her accident insurance does not cover the full hospital costs either, and her mother’s various insurances have not been able to help.

The flight alone costs almost 750,000 SEK. Each day Felicia receives around-the-clock intensive care at the hospital which costs an additional 50,000 SEK.

This has made the family start a fundraiser to raise money for Felicia’s trip home.

“It is going well and we have received help from some influencers who have shared it on social media. We are extremely grateful to everyone who helps us,” says Daniel.

While the family’s work to bring Felicia home continues, Felicia’s own battle is ongoing in the hospital. According to her doctors’ forecasts, it is going in the right direction.

“We see a doctor every day who shows us how she is progressing. She is slowly starting to become responsive to touch, and she is starting to react to pain. But even if it is progressing, they cannot say when or if she will wake up,” her uncle shares.

Source: aftonbladet.se

If you want to help Felicia and her family, visit her: Go Fund Me page!

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