Ambassador Gröndahl hosted High-Level Dinner on Climate Change in Bangkok

On 7 September, Ambassador Jon Åström Gröndahl hosted a High-Level Dinner on Climate Change at the Ambassador’s residence in Bangkok.

According to the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, Sweden aims at net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045, and the Nordic country is committed to continuing to take a leading role in climate action. 

Speaking on the matter during the dinner, Ambassador Jon Åström Gröndahl said, “The extreme weather events that we are witnessing around the globe, with floodings, forest fires, rise in sea levels and rising temperatures all underline the urgent need for us to act together against climate change… We need increased cooperation from all stakeholders; governments, private sectors, non-state actors, and most importantly, every single one of us from all walks of life…. We need to join hands and together, we could make a difference. We must make a difference.” 

In 2017, Sweden adopted the most ambitious climate reform in its history, aiming at net zero emissions of greenhouse gases and becoming the first fossil-free welfare country in the world by 2045. These policy reforms and targets have been possible thanks to the support by the government, regions, municipalities, companies, industries, and consumers which have worked together to implement various measures to stop climate change.

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