Boat with nine Swedes capsizes in the middle of Krabi ocean

Photo captured from a video recorded by the people on nearby boat.

A long-tail tour boat carrying nine Swedish passengers and a Thai boat driver, Manit Saroj, capsized in the middle of Hong Island’s ocean, Krabi province, on 5 February 2023.

According to MGR Online, the accident happened when the tourists went to stand on the same side of the boat to get their pictures taken.

After the boat overturned, all passengers were floating in the sea before being found and rescued by people from a nearby boat.

None of them were injured, but were left in a panic.

The Swedish passengers and the boat driver after being brought up to shore.


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One Comment on “Boat with nine Swedes capsizes in the middle of Krabi ocean”

  1. This article is not correct. I am one of the victims in this accident. NO photos was taken, all where seated properly. The driver took a to small fast and sharp turn and lost control of the steeringstick. The boat fell over completely. We all get trapped inside and under the upside down boat. We are a family of 9. We all manage to save our selves, luckily no-one passed out. My husband also saved the drivers little boy who could not swim. When we all was in open water, boats near by handed us lifejackets and took us to land.
    No police has heard anyone of us what’s happened, they just asked about our lost belongings. We feel this article is to save their own asses. We almost died, trapped inside and under the boat and it’s a shame of you to publish lies like this!

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