Danish stars “Maximillian” and “Nicklas Sahl” collab in new single “Miss Her”

Photo of Maximillian (right) and Nicklas Sahl (left).

The Danish artist, Maximilian, recently released his new single, “Miss Her,” which collaborated with Nicklas Sahl, expressing the depth of past love.

The song highlights the idea that no matter how long it was, some relationships stick longer than others.

When a relationship is over, surely, both sides need to find ways to heal themselves. Though, the lyrics, “Is it crazy I still miss her?” show that the healing process is more complicated and cannot be rushed.

Maximilian shared that while he and Nicklas were working on their first collaboration, they decided to include their raw emotions experienced from each of their personal heartbreaks into the song.

“Writing a song from what hurts us (Maximilian and Nicklas Sah) the most is very effective and therapeutic in a way. It’s almost like our secret weapon we use when we work together,” he said.

At the age of twenty-two, Maximillian was known from his hits like “Beautiful Scars,” “Ripples,” and, “Still Alive.” With more than 135 million streams on Spotify, he is considered to be one of the top five most streamed Danish artists on the platform.

Listen to his single “Miss Her” and other songs now here.

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