China criticized the Danish Parliament’s criticism of China

The Danish Parliament passed a critical statement on Tuesday 22 December 2020 criticizing China’s actions in Hong Kong. Photo: ólafur Steinar Rye Gestsson / Ritzau Scanpix

Less than 2 hours after the Danish parliament expressed its criticism over China’s security law in Hong Kong, the Chinese embassy in Denmark, issued a statement criticizing the Danish Parliament for intervening in its domestic political affairs.

The critical statement, which passed parliament, said that over the past few years, China has continually diminished Hong Kong’s self-determination, cracked down on demonstrations, and intervened in Hong Kong’s electoral process and parliament.

A broad majority in the Danish Parliament (Folketing) passed the critical statement, which said:

“The Danish Parliament expresses its deep concern at the human rights situation in China and notes that with the recent restrictions on democratic rights in Hong Kong, two systems can no longer be meaningfully spoken of. The parliament urges the government, together with like-minded countries, to continue to criticize China for the human rights situation in the country – especially the deeply worrying situation in Hong Kong.”

Regarding the critical statement, The Embassy of China in Denmark released the following:

“The Chinese government attaches great importance to the promotion and protection of human rights. I emphasize that issues concerning Hong Kong is entirely a Chinese domestic policy issue, which the Danish parliament has no right to interfere in”.

The embassy continues: “Some Danish parliamentarians turn a blind eye to the facts and make unfounded attacks on China’s policy in Hong Kong as well as the human rights situation. We strongly urge these parliamentarians to stop interfering in China’s domestic political affairs.

China has long been criticized for violating human rights. In recent years, criticism has increased after it emerged that China is severely oppressing the Uighur population. They have largely been subjected to fierce scrutiny of all aspects of their lives, and China has detained over a million in secretive internment camps.

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