Covid in Indonesia delays gas field opening in Denmark

On Tuesday, 19 April, the world’s largest crane vessel Sleipnir lifted the seven floors large living quarters module in its place on the Tyra field. Now, the gas field is just waiting for the production platform. Photo: TotalEnergies

The re-opening of the largest Danish gas exploration field, Tyra, located in the North Sea off the Danish Westcoast, will be delayed several month, TotalEnergies, announced on 3rd August 2022. The company is in charge of the renovation of the gas field on behalf of DUC – Dansk Undergrunds Consortium.

TotalEnergies blames problems at the Indonesian shipyard in Batam in recruiting enough workers due to the Covid situation for the delay. The contractor is McDermott shipyard.

The half finished process platform will now be transported from Batam to the Tyra gas field and installed there and then off shore workers from Denmark and Eastern Europe will be hired to finish the job. This means more than 500,000 extra man-hours and the mobilization of another 500 offshore employees in the North Sea.

The main concern in Denmark and Northern Europe is that because of the delay in Indonesia, the field in the North Sea will not be able to start production this winter which is critical because of the expected shortage of gas from Russia.


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