Danish authorities fine Thai restaurant

Thai Silk Cafe in Grenaa, Denmark, was reprimanded and fined after an inspection made by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration on 29 August 2022 following the Danish “Smiley-Scheme” .

According to the inspection report, a 2000 DKK fine was handed down to the café for failing to display the latest inspection report from 14 July 2022 for customers to read upon entering the café, which is otherwise mandatory. Instead, an inspection report from 8 December 2021 was displayed in the window.

IN Denmark, customers are used to seeing these “smiley reports” when entering every retail food enterprise since 2001. Four different smileys signal display how well the enterprise complies with Danish official food regulations. Based on unannounced inspections, the public food inspectors check if the enterprises fulfill these requirements.

Sources: https://ekstrabladet.dk/auto/magna/smileys/sur-smiley-til-restaurant-i-grenaa/9408311

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