Danish embassy hosts dinner for housing developers in Philippines

The Danish Ambassador to the Philippines, Grete Sillasen, recently hosted both the top executives of Connovate Aps and their potential clients at her house, newspaper report said.

An article by the Manila Times reported that during the event Torben Enggard, Ambercon chairman of the board and Connovate director, delivered an inspiring speech in which he outlined the steps Connovate has taken in addressing global warming and unemployment.

Furthermore, Karsten Bro, Connovate chief executive officer (CEO), elaborated on this by sharing how the company further elevated its technology to adapt to the changing world.

“Finally, Peter Berg, Connovate chairman and Arkitema Architects CEO, expressed his deep gratitude for all the support Connovate had been receiving from the Philippine developers. Furthermore, he called on others to use sustainable materials for the construction of homes, structures and infrastructure.

Grete Sillasen. Danish Ambassador, Philippines

During her speech and video, CPI President and CEO Emma Imperial discussed the advantages and positive effects of Connovate on the Philippine housing market. Also being the chairman and CEO of the Imperial Homes Group, she introduced Connovate in 2018 as part of her objective to influence other developers to incorporate clean sources of energy and construction materials into their projects.”

Source: Manila Times

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