Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs created facebook group to assist stranded Danes overseas

The Danish Ministry of Foreign created a facebook group to assist stranded Danes overseas due to Coronavirus crisis. The statement was published on 21 March 2020 that said:

“Are you stranded outside Denmark’s borders – or are you abroad who wants to help other danes in a difficult situation?

We are in contact with many travellers who are in a difficult situation abroad and who are unable to come home to Denmark. Fortunately, we have also heard from many danes who live abroad and who would like to help.

That is why we are now setting up a facebook group to help danes abroad to support each other. Here, residents can advise and help travellers and travellers can find each other and share experiences.

During the current crisis, the danes have shown a great society in the current crisis, and that also applies outside Denmark’s borders. We can see that on the many requests we have received from foreign danes who want to help countrymen with, for example, accommodation. That society must have a platform – which is why we are now making the facebook group. Sign up in the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/danskereglobalt/

Of course, we continue work: although we are now going to help the danes help each other, the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of foreign affairs continue to work at high pressure to help stranded danes throughout the world. If you are in urgent need or have specific questions for the ministry of foreign affairs, contact us at [email protected] or 33 92 11 12 (open for inquiries 24/7).”

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