DCCC invites to Nanjing Exclusive Dialogue with European Enterprises conference

The DCCC is pleased to inform you that the conference “Nanjing Exclusive Dialogue with European Enterprises” will be held on July 13 at Shanghai Garden Hotel. 

The “Nanjing Exclusive Dialogue with European Enterprises” is a platform to enrich dialogues with around 200 senior representatives from European and Chinese Institutions, Chambers of Commerce, and organizations.  


  • Nanjing Investment Promotion Bureau
  • CPC Nanjing Lishui District Committee
  • Nanjing Lishui District People’s Government
  • Nanjing Bureau of Commerce
  • Foreign Affairs Office of Nanjing Municipal People’s Government


  1. Three interactive sectorial “Industries Roundtable Discussions” with local government representatives reserved to selected EU and Chinese companies (subject to approval)  
  2. Direct exchanges with local government on supporting policies for business development  
  3. Evaluation of emerging investment opportunities  
  4. Establishment of new partnerships and networking  


  • Government representatives of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau and the Nanjing Lishui District, 
  • Representatives of the consulates of various EU countries, 
  • EU Chambers of Commerce, 
  • European and Chinese companies representatives, among which representatives of Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, and industry leaders in related fields. 

 The conference is open to all EU enterprises, and the roundtable discussions will be focusing on the following three fields:  

  • Carbon Neutrality and New Energy Industry (Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection – New Materials – Sustainable Urban Planning)  
  • Advanced Manufacturing Industry (High-end Smart Equipment – Intelligent Manufacturing – Automotive and Aerospace – Smart Healthcare Industry)  
  • Modern Service Industry and Airport Industry (Airport Modern Logistics, business, and trade – Culture, Tourism, and Entertainment – Financial services – Science and Technology Services) 

Find more information and register here

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