Thailand General Election: Thailand demands for change and democracy

Photo of Thailand’s Constitution Monument and the number 31 of Move Forward Country captured by TikTok user Thung Phix via Twitter.

The Democratic party, Move Forward, gained the majority of votes from Thai citizens in Thailand’s general election on Sunday, 14 May 2023.

According to the unofficial scores from the Election Commission and Thai media, The Standard, Move Forward got 151 seats in the parliament, followed by Pheu Thai Party with 141 seats.

At 10.30 AM today, the commission had announced that the counting process was about 99 percent. They can take up to 5 more days before it completes.

Photo of Pita Limjaroenrat by Photographer Savita Poolsathien from The Standard.

Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader of Move Forward party and the party’s candidate for the country’s next prime minister, said during a press conference on 12.30 PM today that he already contacted with Pheu Thai Party and other four more parties from the former oppositions in order to discuss the coalition in forming a government.

“Today is the press conference which the people of Thailand have spoken their wishes and I am ready to be the prime minister to all whether you agree with me or you disagree with me,” Pita said.

“I have congratulated Paetongtarn Shinawatra from Pheu Thai Party for her hard-force campaign and invited her to join the coalition that includes four more parties from the previous opposition. They are the Prachachat party, Thai San Thai, Seree Ruam Thai, and Fair party.”

“With these, there will be a total of six parties that will amount to approximately 309 out 500 in the law house and I think we can safely assume that we’ll secure the majority in forming the government forward.”

Photo of Pita Limjaroenrat by Photographer Savita Poolsathien from The Standard.

Additionally, Pita also said that he and the to-be government coalition need to discuss establishing the Memorandum of understanding (MoU) to make sure that all transitions go smoothly.

Now, Thai citizens as well as local and international media are significantly interested in which direction Thailand’s politics will go. Because there are still 250 Secretariat of the Senates in the parliament that have the right to vote if they agree with the people’s majority.

Overall, the victory of the Move Forward party in the recent election has shown that Thai people demand for a better change. More than 75 percent of the people who came to exercise their votes this year is the sign that there are hopes for the country to be set free from the military-controlled government.

“The phenomenon of the Move Forward party is one of the memorable changes in Thailand’s history,” said Thai columnist Num Muang Chan.

“When you see someone dancing in the middle of the road, you think they are crazy or you just don’t hear the music. But if you thoroughly try to listen to the music that demands for a change and democracy in Thailand, you will hear that the music has begun.”




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