Cheer or distress after Prayut Chan ocha to resume office as Thai PM

Thailand’s Constitutional Court ruled on Friday, 30 September 2022 that the suspension of Prime Minister Prayut Chan ocha exceeding the maximum eight years allowed in office is now lifted and confirmed his eligibility for proceeding the roles as Thai Prime Minister.

“The tenure of the prime minister from April 6, 2017, to Aug 24, 2022, has not reached its limit and the court rules by a majority vote that his premiership has not ended in accordance with the 2017 Constitution,”said the court.

According to the ruling, it can lead to General Prayut to stay in office until 2025, if he is re-elected in the upcoming general election.

Following the court’s decision, the Pheu Thai Party issued a statement saying it disagreed with the court’s ruling and suggested it was time to reform the court to create “appropriate checks and balances.”

“The verdict does not cleanse Prayut. The opposition sees Prayut as someone who wants to maintain power in every way possible,” and “He also broke his promise to the people from the beginning when he said he won’t stay long.”

On his Facebook account, Prayut Chan ocha posted his respect for the court’s decision and added more promises to the previous vow lists he would like to fulfill.

“This past month, I have realized that I need to use my limited time in government to push important projects to their realization, for the progress of the country and for the future of our children.”

A government source informed that General Prayut will resume work as prime minister at Government House on upcoming Monday after his five-week suspension.

Prayut Chan ocha is among the longest-serving prime ministers in Thailand, a country under the constitutional monarchy that has seen more than 10 coups in the past century and had numerous leaders from the military.


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