Denmark allows former citizens to regain their Danish citizenship 

On 3 June, Denmark reintroduced the possibility of regaining Danish citizenship for a new 5-year period, Danes Worldwide announced in their June newsletter. During this time it will be possible for former Danish citizens to apply for re-acquisition of their Danish citizenship. 

Danes Worldwide brought the matter up with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Mattias Tesfaye at a meeting in February 2020 and has subsequently discussed the matter with several parties at the Danish Parliament. The association’s consultation response to the bill in December 2020 can be seen here.

Secretary-General Anne Marie Dalgaard states: “At Danes Worldwide, we are very pleased that our work has borne fruit and that politicians have listened to the needs of expatriate Danes. It is very positive that our fellow citizens abroad can finally call themselves Danish citizens again. We had hoped that no new time limit would be set for recovery, but overall we are very positive about the change in the law. ”

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