Easier visa for Scandinavian tourists to Vietnam

On Wednesday 1 February 2017 the Vietnamese government launched their new e-visa to let tourists skip visiting a local embassy or wait in line at the airport for visa on arrival. Visitors from 40 countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, will now be able to get a 30 day tourist-visa by uploading an application and paying the visa fee online. According the Vietnamese governments website it will take 3 days to process the application.


However, since the launch day of the new e-visa, the Vietnamese government’s website, www.immigration.gov.vn, has been struggling and visa-applicants have not been able to use the link to apply for the new e-visa.

The Vietnamese government has not yet made a statement on the issue, but local media in Vietnam have shared another link, https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn, that tourists can follow to get their e-visas.


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