Expanded Norwegian mother tounge teaching in Singapore

The Norwegian School of Singapore and the Norwegian School on the Internet in Norway have come up with a common model to make mother tongue tuition available to more students again. The goal is to create a robust and long-term organization with great involvement from parents, writes the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore.

The effort is continuing to put the entire organization in place, and information will be shared on continuously when solutions are in place.

This will be a non-profit parent-run school at Stamford American International School (SAIS). The school houses many other complementary mother tongue lessons, including the Swedish, Danish, Finnish and German schools here. SAIS will facilitate for the Norwegian School of Singapore to get what it needs from classrooms, libraries, supplies, etc. The venues are free and both cafes are open until the school ends in the evening.

The offer is based on a combination of online- and classroom teaching, in the subjects Norwegian, Social Studies and KRLE. The experienced and dedicated teachers here in Singapore have good experience with physical education and the oral language that make the most of the teaching.

Registration deadline for the online Norwegian School (www.norskskolen.com/) was set to 30 August. This is free. For physical education, a fee will be charged (goal of maintaining a previous sum of S $ 450 per year). Information on the fee and payment of this will come as soon as this is in place.

The background for this arrangement is that the Norwegian Education Directorate only supports online education.

Teaching will take place on Thursday afternoons (most likely at 16:30 – 18:30) at the SAIS.

“The Norwegian School will probably need more teacher resources if the number of students becomes as stipulated. As of August 2017, 30 – 35 interested students were registered. If there are any parents or students who wish to contribute, just contact. The requirement made is a Bachelor degree (but not necessarily a teacher). A burning commitment and desire to contribute to the development and well-being of children is what is needed! Contact Karoline Riis Rigault or Camilla Gjesmoe if you would like to contribute.”

Source: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore

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