The Norwegian School in Singapore now offers learning to children from the age of 3 years old

As a new initiative, The Norwegian School in Singapore (Norskeskolen i Singapore) now offers classes in Norwegian to young children from the age of 3 years old. 

Their target group is Norwegian children between 3-15 years old living in Singapore who want to maintain and develop their Norwegian language skills alongside their international schooling. 

According to The Norwegian School in Singapore’s website, the results of a survey conducted earlier in the year showed a big interest in providing learning to the younger learners aged between 3-7 years old and this has now been made a possibility. Divided into groups based on age and whether Norwegian language is an active language at home or not, toddlers, children and youth students will also learn about the Norwegian culture, traditions and anniversaries. 

The Norwegian School in Singapore has offered complementary teaching in Norwegian in collaboration with committed teachers for a number of years and helped thousands of children develop their language skills since the school was established in 1983. 

The school was previously located at OFS, NEXUS and SAIS but has now moved to The Norwegian Seamen’s Mission Singapore (Sjømannskirken i Singapore) as based on the parent survey, this location was preferred.  Parents are also provided with more flexibility in regards to time and place for the children’s classes and private lessons are also available.  

Registration for school start opens in January 2021 and The Norwegian School in Singapore will open its doors 23 January onwards.

Registration form and more information is available here

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