Finland calls for proposals for funding of local projects in Thailand

The Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) is with this call for Project Proposals looking for projects to be implemented in 2021-2022, The Embassy of Finland recently announced.

The Fund for Local Cooperation is a fund administered by the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok and the instrument is primarily used to support initiatives of local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

In Thailand, the Embassy is currently prioritizing projects related to promoting civic engagement and the development of the civil society in the Southern Border Provinces, with a special focus on the participation of women and youth in local and national dialogues and decision-making processes.

FLC serves the Embassy as an important tool to broaden its networks and increase its impact in key areas of Finland’s foreign and development policy. The aim is to establish partnerships with a limited number of organizations. 

Funding proposals will be assessed based on their relevance to local needs and priorities, and also taking into account the relevance of a project concerning the vision and the mission of the applying organization. 

The funding from FLC is project-based and as a principle, the Embassy prioritizes projects with a long-term impact over once-off activities such as seminars or similar events. In assessing funding proposals the Embassy also takes into account the level of professionalism demonstrated by the applicant, including a proven record of sound financial administration and cooperation with international partners.

Deadline to submit proposals: Wednesday 26 May 2021.

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