Finnair offers complimentary Coronavirus insurance for passengers

Finnair announced on 4 November 2020 a complimentary Finnair Corona Cover that will protects passengers in case of getting sick with coronavirus while in their destination. Finnair Corona Cover is included in your ticket with no additional cost when:

  • you have a Finnair ticket booked through Finnair website, mobile app or customer service (ticket number starts with 105–24…)
  • your departure is between 3 November 2020 and 31 March 2021 and your journey does not last more than 31 days
  • your journey originates from Finland and your destination is abroad.

Finnair Corona Cover is also included in Aurinkomatkat (Suntours), Finnair Holidays bookings and Finnair Plus award flight bookings.

The insurance coverage is included in all existing and new bookings as long as your departure is between November and March and your travel does not exceed 31 days. You don’t need to do anything extra to start your journey with peace of mind. We kindly ask you to carefully read the terms and conditions of Finnair Corona Cover.

Finnair Corona Cover powered by AIG supplements your own travel insurance, and we always recommend you to check your travel insurance coverage before travelling. Please note that Finnair Corona Cover does not bring insurance coverage to any other illnesses than coronavirus. You can purchase Finnair Travel Insurance here.

Finnair Corona Cover includes the following expenses if you get sick with coronavirus in your destination:

  • coronavirus related medical expenses and medical repatriation up to €50,000, for example, hospital stay or doctor visits
  • the price of a coronavirus test if the result is positive
  • additional quarantine costs due to getting sick with coronavirus up to €100 for a maximum of 14 days, for example, extra nights at a hotel
  • new return flight back home if you miss the original one due to infection.

This cover is valid regardless of your destination abroad with no additional cost.

Do this in case you get sick in your destination:

  • Always contact AIG first for consultation and approval for any expenses. Call to +44 1273 765 324. AIG Travel Assistance service is provided to you 24/7 in English.
  • AIG will settle any expenses directly with the local service providers, provided that you have first contacted AIG and gotten their approval. This means you don’t have to carry any risk for the costs.
  • Please prepare to send your Finnair, Finnair Holidays or Aurinkomatkat (Suntours) ticket or booking confirmation to AIG, which proofs your eligibility for the insurance. Best way to send this is by email to [email protected].

What expenses are not included in Finnair Corona Cover?

Finnair Corona Cover doesn’t include the following:

  • medical expenses that are due to another illness than coronavirus
  • any medical expenses during domestic travel in Finland
  • mandatory quarantine required by your destination authorities for all travellers without a coronavirus diagnosis
  • travel documents costs
  • the price of a coronavirus test if the result is negative or if destination authorities require a test for all travellers
  • coronavirus related costs before or after your journey
  • any expenses after your journey has lasted more than 31 days.

What if my journey starts before 31 March 2021 but I return later?

Finnair Corona Cover is valid in case you started your journey on 31 March 2021 or earlier and return in 31 days latest. This means the insurance doesn’t cover any expenses after your journey has lasted more than 31 days.

Do I still need travel insurance?

Yes, we always recommend you to have travel insurance when travelling, as it offers you protection against risks beyond coronavirus. Finnair Corona Cover is not a substitute for travel insurance but it offers additional protection and peace of mind in case you get sick with coronavirus in your destination. If you do not have travel insurance or your existing travel insurance is not comprehensive enough for your needs, we recommend Finnair Travel Insurance.

Can I claim for compensation retrospectively?

We advise you to contact AIG Travel Assistance when you are travelling and have symptoms for coronavirus. Should the test be positive for coronavirus AIG Travel Assistance will settle the payments for medical expenses and quarantine. In case you need to change return flight due a diagnose or you have paid positive coronavirus test yourself, you can apply for compensation from AIG after the payment.

Does Finnair Corona Cover affect the refund and change policy?

No, the refund and change policy remain the same. Read more about the ticket change policy here.

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