Finnish firm Clewat support sea-cleaning vessel in the Philippines city

The Cebu City government of the Philippines with Clewat Ltd. have launched a sea-cleaning vessel project on 1 September 2022.

The project has two phases: piloting research and operational cleaning and research.

“The purpose of the project is to clean the rivers of Cebu area from marine litter with our new Cleansweep IV-vessel,” said Chief Commercial Officer Marko Kärkkäinen at Clewat.

Plus he also shared that:

“ is important to collect it [plastic] away from the water systems” as “plastic that has already ended up in the water systems breaks into microplastics, and all impacts of it into the marine organisms, and ecosystems.”

Clewat is a fast growing cleantech company from Finland, focusing on solving the plastic waste, excess biomass, oil spills and other pollution problems of our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.


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